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nothing compared to what we had on the weekend. temperatures 60s low-to-mid. here is tara. we will have a look at highway 24, you can see traffic is flowing well to the caldecott tunnel and in san francisco, your commute looks great in both directions let's head back to the desk. muni will follow, immune any melt down shut down an entire system last night. alex savage has more on what commuters need to know. >> reporter: all subway trains will be running with the exception of the j-church and n- which will have limited
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service. here at the vanness system, crews worked throughout the night trying to fix the problem. >> they have to fix this right here. it is a blown fuse. >> last night -- >> reporter: last night muni showed them the shut down transformer. they are blaming rain damage for this outage. of course it was a headache for tens of thousands of computers for many -- commuteers. >> we know it is not the outside feed from pg&e. we know the problem is in our hardware that directs the commands to the signals and switches. >> reporter: all subway trains will run a half hour from now
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as scheduled but the n and other trains will not continue passed debow streets. so they have to transfer to another line downtown if they want to get through this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage. also yesterday, a woman in a wheelchair was hit by immune any car -- muni streetcar and she was dragged and take tonight hospital with life- threatening injuries. it is not as big but more rain will cover parts of the bay area tonight. now this storm is not going to be as bad it will not be as widespread, however some areas could see up to 5 inches of rain. sunday's drenching rain led to this sinkhole, we have been
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showing you storm debris destroyed mountain view drive and the shine of generator lights filled the neighborhood as crews filled the town. she is worried. >> i worry the whole house will drop, i just don't know what to do. >> the sinkhole cuts her and many others off the street and now they have to take a detore and that work is not expected to be completed until next spring. and they are trying to beat the clock before the rain returns. just one lane of traffic continues through the northport tall bridge area at 9:00 a.m. lane closures are needed to prevent erosion before the next rain storm. big changes could be coming
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to contra costa, they are considering a plan to close four fire stations. the closure list comes a month after voters and the fire district presented the four stations. they will face charges on the beating of an autistic teen. now the 16-year-old girl left the center last tuesday. the staff followed her where they lost site of her -- sight of her. she was found on a bus and family members say she was badly beaten and sexually assaulted. >> if he is the one who did the crime i will do everything i can to make sure that this man spends the rest of his life in
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prison. >> police will hold a press conference on this later. torrell horn was in a small inflatable boat when it was rammed by a drug smuggling boat off the coast. it threw he and his crew into the water. yesterday, coast guard from marina delray remembered horn. >> it is felt throughout the service. >> horn is survived by his pregnant wife and young sun and will be back in court december 17th. they reportedly plan to plead guilty to the scheme of confess skated drugs. they will admit in court to stealing drugs. welsh and his friend were hurt
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talking about the drug sales in an undercover video. he is searching an eight year prison term. today they will take a final vote. they say they will turn up in full force. they showed up with the first vote taken back on november 20th but they prohibit nudity with exceptions for permitted parades and festivals. they plan to use it and apparently applied for a grant to use it for rescue missions. today the a.c.l.u. will release documents to show they also intend to use the drone to spy on people. today president barack
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obama will use it and they requested the meeting with the president. they want to urge with them on the solutions for the fiscal cliff. they will meet with white house speaker john boehner. in the meantime the white house is rejecting the latest proposal. house republicans send it to the white house yesterday their republicans plan does not increase tax rates which the white house insists must be included in any deal. they are trying to make california public schools green. they will update the efficiency of public schools in california. it's being introduced by an assembly woman. the recent funding would come from proposition 39 and it comes
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from a fund. police say 44-year-old john roady robbed the class sunday night. he took computers and other electronics. police recovered some of those during his arrest. he was on probation for burglary and now he faces new charges. we have a car versus a dear at the paradise east bound. it is backed up and running, here is a look at the east shore freeway and mcarthur maze no dislace, traffic is flowing
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-- no delays, traffic is flowing well in both directions. light rain is trying to develop up in lake men seen know, rain is slowly returning north. again, this is a much weaker system. there is a lot of moisture out there, also into the cruz mountains as -- into the santa cruz mountains as well. ukiah, at last check it was rain and drizzle and it looks like things will start to juice up but we have much lower, lows, everything is close but there will not be much of a difference. the system is running into a little bit of resistance, but it will still give us cloudy skies and some light rain. we see it picking up to the
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north. cloudy today, light rain, coast and some of the higher elevations, milder temperatures. 50s and 60s and after this pattern the system will change. a lot of show no go, there will be an increase and then it is out of there. we have to watch for a boat load of fog, it does look cooler and breezy as we go into sunday. 4:39, the royal pregnant -- pregnant i. >> and we will have the latest on kate middleton and how she is doing this morning. how you can find out how you can qualify for the latest from the state. we will have more traffic coming up, stay tuned.
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. officials on the east coast are trying to make homes livable following super storm sandy. under the program they will be sending contractors at no charge to homeowners. 400 projects have been completed so far but some say help is not coming fast enough. at least 33 people are dead after a powerful typhoon hit the philippines overnight. the storm has knocked out power and suspended major land slides and more than 1,000 people evacuated -- have been evacuated from their homes that were hit hard one year ago. the u.s. geological survey
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is warning homeowners about the danger coming up at 5:00. the strike continues at the largest port complex. they set up picket lines at long beach one week ago today. dockworkers are refusing to cross those picket lines and that means ships are sitting outside the port and that means shortages in retail stores through the holiday season. they will discuss a plan to shoot at birds at runways. it will allow trained employees to shoot blank or bird shot to disburse flocks of birds. more than 180 air collisions have happened. and united airlines pays a bonus each month which tops on
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time goals. all domestic flights were workinged out on november 18th. the state of california says it has about $14 million in tax refunds but no addresses to send them it to. they are looking to see if you have anyone claimed money just go to our website and a new legislative section begins, democrats are beginning their super majority. >> democrats now have a two- thirds majority in both the assembly and majority and that means they can pass it without any republican votes. >> some would call us the super minority and that puts us on
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the sidelines. >> this historic super majority and we intend to use it with purpose, with humility and with great strength. >> the democrats super majority could be short lived and they are expected to leave their seats. well this morning protesters will demand the sale of several protesters be stopped. the one they propose so sell, demonstrators are angry the ones that have already been sold are already closed to the public and they are profiting on their sale. that is headed by senator dianne finestein's husband. many of the letters ask for food clothes blankets sisters or brothers, anybody interested
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in being santa's helper can wrap gifts. let's check in with tara, what is going on, tara? somebody is down because of an electrical problem but riders on the j and m will need a transfer today. traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco and at bay point, folks are headed westbound towards concord, no problems and down in the south bay, 280, again looking good in both directions, here is steve. not much with any rain, although some rain is started up and clouds increase throughout the day and over the entire area and tomorrow morning i think about an inch, north of that you can get one to two inches and one more
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front then the pattern will change. it looks like we will be going into more of a windy pattern. a little bit of rain, it looks like it is trying to get its act together. there could be some drizzle, whether or not picking that up. near 50s for the temperatures, it was cold no doubt about it but we are back up into that cloud cover and this low has to work its way towards us. our cloud and rain forecast does keep some rain to the north. it really stays north all the way but it likes right to me, even that will be much, much weaker. this is not a whopper of a system. increasing late tonight, mild
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temperatures due to a southeast wind, not as cold in the morning, 60 to 64 should cover it. morning rain and clears out friday night, morning fog does look like the rain creeps up sunday and monday. there is a bit of a bright spot for california. there is only a small area for people getting flus but keizer has giving more than a million shots. every year 30 people died because of this. now it is official, the royal dutches of came brain is -- cambridge is pregnant. she was admitted to the hospital and is expected to stay there for several days and word of the pregnancy is
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spreading. >> she will be laying in bed for the next nine months. they are trailblazers around they? >> they have not confirmed anything, only that she has not reached the 12 we can mark yet. students are returning to class after the big storm. one school in marin county and we will have more on what it could mean for the students. >> the weekend storm turns dangerous for drivers on the you santa cruz mountains. we will have more on what it could mean for the roads.
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. welcome back, maintenance workers at the middle school had to clean the floors covered in mud. water poured into some of the classrooms because of an overflow and damage is estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars. road closures are affected during the storm and they hope to learn today whether the road
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can partially reopen if they can work on a permanent fix. >> i actually left yesterday for work and came back and saw this. >> homeowners in the area are cleaning up from the storm. two trees fell on his roof and another is leaning dangerously over his home. there was a serious crash in orinda during that week ken storm. the person standing in the right shoulder is in the intensive care unit and one of the firefighters suffered a concussion, four were hit after a series of crashes caused by the wet weather. we were talking about that big thing going on with muni. >> reporter: alex savage is monitoring muni and he said you don't need a transfer and the problems have been fixed, so
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that is great news. this is the san mateo bridge, not a lot of folks out there and it is looking good in both directions. you can see traffic is flowing nicely as you make your way down south and on the opposite side downtown. finally 680 at the sunole grade, folks are headed southbound towards fremont. 4:54 here is steve. >> they need to raise that, let people go. >> fine, let us in. it will be a day where the north bay gets the rain and tonight we will get the rain, this is a much weaker system. in men seen know county -- mendocino county, it is light, this is a much weaker pattern, may be a little drizzle, some of the higher elevations, much
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higher on the lows and this will be the last system in the series and pattern will change for a while. still a low back here and that's a far cry from the dynamics we saw this weekend. it keeps it there through most of the day, most of the day, tries to take it south right there by 4:00 and tonight it starts to increase and drives it over us by wednesday morning. again this is a soth of an -- 10th of an inch. after that the pattern completely changes, kind of increasing later on, there is only a 10-degree spread between the highs and lows and although it can be mild for the santa clara valley. it is out of here, fog will be a tough one and thursday and
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friday it looks good but cold by sunday and monday. on thursday, samsung will be asking the court to throw out a $1 billion verdict. apple is trying and they are asking to increase it and push for a permanent ban on the sale of 200 samsung devices in the u.s. they will propose more and it will run through south of mark cut through chinatown. the original plan was to remove a show, they -- the original plan was to leave the machine on the ground. >> they are not to be buried on
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the ground or stored for any amount of time but we would have to bury it and leave it there. >> if the project extends to the pass gold do -- pass gold do, they will have to brace for other problems. find out about one troubled spot. and the storm may be tied to last night's muni meltdown, what san san francisco commuters will have to deal with.
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